Infographics + Animation

infographics + animation

This is a collection of informative animation projects. You'll find fact-based projects as well as educational projects in this collection. I've also produced training videos for a number of clients, but unfortunately those cannot be displayed publicly due to strict NDA's... but you'll get the jest with what's to your right.

Animations can either be 2D, 3D, or a combination, also known as 2.5D. I've worked with individual artists as well as advertising agencies, TV producers, film producers, writers, and countless others to produce the best looking, most engaging short animations possible, always landing within budget and delivering before the deadline. My clients return because I listen and design according to their vision, not mine.

If you have a process, service, or product that you need explained or illustrated, contact me today. Together, we'll make it come alive in an entertaining, engaging, and educational manner... which is the proper way of saying we'll make a kick ass video and people won't even know they're learning something!