Short + Feature Films


What started as a husband/wife screenwriting team evolved into full scale production. All projects in this section were micro-funded, had an even smaller crew, and were powered by the love of film.

From concept to completion - scriptwriting, directing, lighting, sound design, editing - we cranked out some creative stuff. In the immortal words of that character Mandi Patinkin played in the film Chopin, "Art does not apologize." We took that advice to heart.

What you're witnessing with this collection of hands-on artistry is a young man developing his chops, ignoring limitations, and carving his own path. From horror trailers to avante-garde art projects with characters like "the beer can unicorn," every frame of every piece on this page was created with love, passion, anger, hate, lust, and pure, unadulterated ambition. 

With that said... ENJOY!