About JK

Who is this "Jeff Knight" dude, anyway? 

Jeff Knight is recklessly prolific, obsessively meticulous, and unwaveringly magnanimous. His proficiency in film and video began with writing screenplays, which he conjured with copious precision, leading to several options, short lists, and a handful of self-produced projects. From that moment, he was mesmerized with the entire process, which he mastered with lavish dexterity.

His foray into production included concept development, shooting, directing, and editing, and he found himself equal to each task. This led to a penchant for editing, which, in turn, led to his infatuation with motion graphic design and animation. Due to his passion for music, he has favored music video production and post production, which he still enjoys when clients beckon.

Aesthetically nimble, Jeff found ways to “create in post” that which was missing from production. This counterpart of writing enables him to construct narratives, decisively sculpting captivating moments into rhythmic iconography. People see the end result, but miss the process, which reaches the level of kinetic alchemy. Even if a client provides shaky, mismatched, or amateur cinematography, the final product is always polished, cinematic, and captivating -- you should see what he's done with what he's given!

A consummate professional, Jeff is as chivalrous as he is passionate. He truly loves creating hypnotic visuals and always delivers MORE than asked or expected. And did I forget to mention that he composes music, and sings in and speaks Italian?

Check out his reels and library of video work. No project is too big, too small, or too challenging. Jeff uses the Adobe Creative Cloud, so there are literally no limits to what he can do.

If you're a company interested in retaining Knight's services on an on-going basis, contact him at jeff@seven-13.com or 518-258-7101.